To Form Joint Venture, Everi Holdings and Scientific Games

There has been a major agreement finalized between Scientific Games Corporation (SG), a provider of online gambling platforms, and Everi Holdings, a producer of casino games. The developer and SG have reached an agreement under which SG will distribute the company’s game library to operators in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Most importantly, SG will be distributing the material via their much-touted, custom-built Open Gaming System (OGS). The software has been a hit in a number of iGaming areas around the world because of its convenient online distribution of casino software on a global scale.


Crossing Borders


Since this is the first time Everi Holdings has used the distribution software, concerns have been raised about how smoothly the two businesses will be able to work together. Although SG has been quick to boast about the systems’ strong integration capabilities, only time will tell if the software is truly interoperable.


Whatever the case may be, the two companies have now made up and are sticking to their word that the United States would be the primary target of the iGaming content’s initial rollout. More specifically, the New Jersey and Pennsylvania regulated markets.


Plans for even more growth in the future are already in the works. In 2020, the two businesses will likely seek new growth opportunities, and they have already set their sights on the European and Canadian markets. This new partnership appears to be headed in an ambitious direction, and if all goes according to plan, it will be a win-win situation for all parties.


A Win-Win Relationship for Both Parties


Senior Vice President Dylan Slaney represented SG and made the presentation. He spoke enthusiastically about the new cooperation, but he also took the chance to promote his firm’s OGS operating system. He argued that the software’s dependability and flexibility made it ideal for making Everi Holding’s content accessible to the widest potential audience.


For Everi Holdings, Interactive Business Leader David Lucchese shared similar sentiments of joy at the new collaboration. He felt that the OGS platform was the most logical approach to get his company’s portfolio into the hands of avid slot players. Finally, he proclaimed that the casino content developed by Everi Holdings was not only the greatest currently available in the iGaming market, but had also won multiple awards.


Both men are making some bold claims, which will hopefully be backed up by a successful rollout in the Garden State and the Keystone State.

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